What You Need to Know About Remote Desktop Gaming

Remote desktop gaming is beneficial for gamers who don't want to purchase their own gaming hardware. Learn all about this method of gaming here.
remote desktop gaming

The video gaming industry reached a value of $178.73 billion in 2021.

In recent decades the gaming industry has grown massively, and some major technological advancements have come with this. Companies are constantly thinking of new ways for people to play games, and one of the most recent developments is remote desktop gaming.

Several large corporations such as Google have begun moving into the remote desktop gaming world, and the industry has grown more than 10 times in size in just a couple of years.

But what is remote desktop gaming? And what benefits does it bring? Keep reading to find out.

What Is RDP?

RDP (remote desktop protocol) is a system that lets you connect to another computer over the internet from any location. It requires remote desktop software to be installed on both the computer that you’re using, as well as the one you’re connecting to.

Once a connection has been made you’ll be able to see the desktop of the other computer from your own and can remotely access any documents and applications from wherever you are.

How Remote Gaming Works

RDP gaming is a recent advancement under the umbrella of “games as a service“. It works using a similar principle to RDP as mentioned above but is dedicated to gaming. This is becoming an increasingly popular trend with game companies and publishers.

A user gaming on a remote desktop will have full access to a game’s functionality, but it will be running on remote hardware. The gameplay is streamed to the user’s computer, and the player’s input is all sent back to the remote data center.

These centers have a large amount of powerful hardware to meet the demands of users. RDP Arena offers a range of configurations, so you can choose what to go with depending on your needs. We update our hardware regularly to keep up with software and user demands.

The main advantage here for the players is that they don’t need to have high-quality hardware themselves. Gaming computers aren’t cheap, and upgrading them further adds to costs. With remote gaming, the player doesn’t need to worry about this at all.

A user’s hardware only needs to be able to decode the stream, which doesn’t take a huge amount of power. This makes high-end games far more accessible to people who don’t have their own gaming setups.

These days many people have laptops rather than desktop computers for the convenience they offer. Laptops, however, can be quite limited in terms of power, so remote gaming is ideal for someone who owns a laptop and wants to play the latest games.

How to Play Games on a Remote Desktop

With RDP Arena you will have full access to a remote server to meet any needs. You can install any games and use various features such as copying and backing up saves. All you need on your end is a device that can handle HD streaming, and appropriate input hardware (keyboard/mouse or a controller).

Potential Issues

Streaming isn’t always perfectly smooth. Larger companies can afford to stream in higher quality, but other small companies might have issues. For a lot of computer-based tasks, this might not be a major problem, but with gaming, split-second responsiveness can be essential. Things like lag, latency, and choppiness can ruin a gaming experience and sometimes make it not worthwhile.

At RDP Arena all of our Windows RDP accounts provide unlimited bandwidth and have very high connection speeds, but your own connection needs to be capable of keeping up. If your internet isn’t fast enough you may need to upgrade if you want to have a flawless gaming experience.

Benefits of RDP Arena

RDP Arena has a range of servers in several locations around the world including:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • More

In each of these locations, we offer a range of monthly plans which typically vary in terms of storage space, so you can choose whichever is best for you. You can backup data with us, so if you have a lot you need to store one of our higher-end packages will be perfect.

We have a network uptime guarantee of 99.99%. This is ensured by our network setup which features redundant Brocade MLX routers. It’s also connected to multiple fiber uplinks (10GB) to help keep things running.

Security can always be an issue when online. All of our servers are secured with a hardware firewall ensuring you’re protected at all times.

We have plenty of servers, and we keep clients evenly distributed among them. This keeps a reasonable load on each server, providing all of our users with a smooth experience.

You may have specific requirements in terms of gaming or other tasks. Our Windows RDP accounts have full remote desktop GUI (graphical user interface) access. All of our systems use up-to-date control panels which provide the best performance and full control.

We also offer VPS (virtual private server) services if that’s something else you might be interested in.

The Future of Remote Desktop Gaming

Remote desktop gaming has only become possible with advancements in both hardware capabilities and internet service. As these both continue to develop the world of remote gaming will grow.

It’s a convenient system for many people, and the only limitations are the hardware people have access to, and how fast/reliable their internet connection is. Improvements in both of these will lead to more people gaming remotely, resulting in significant growth in the industry.

RDP Arena currently offers some of the best remote desktop services available, capable of handling high-end gaming with ease. If you have any questions about what we offer click here to contact us today.

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