Scheduled Network Maintenance – Dallas – December 12, 2021

Scheduled Network Maintenance – Dallas – December 12, 2021

What is the reason for maintenance?

During this migration, we are fortifying our 200Gig infrastructure backbone in our Dallas, TX data center. This is a major upgrade in the quality of service we can provide you as a client.

This network upgrade and many other additional services and features are planned for the near future that we cannot wait to share with everyone.

Maintenance location: Dallas – Texas

Maintenance date: December 12th, 2021

Maintenance time: 12pm – 8pm EST

How does this impact you?

During this maintenance period, racks will need to be migrated. During this time, there may be upwards of 5 minutes of random, sporadic network drops as each rack goes through migration. Your RDP Servers may experience random, temporary slowness throughout the maintenance period.

Thank you for your business and for being a part of RDP Arena.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

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