7 Tips for How to Buy RDP

Do you know how to buy RDP? Find out a few essential tips for locating the best options for you or your business via this brief overview.
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Increasingly, more offices rely on remote work to get their tasks done. Businesses now accomplish their work through the cloud and the Internet more than ever. That’s why many companies use software to enhance their remote work. 

One common software solution for remote workers is a remote desktop protocol (RDP). RDP is a network communications protocol that lets users connect to computers from remote locations. 

Once a device has RDP software installed, users can connect to any computer running Windows. Alternatively, they can connect to computers with compatible operating systems. 

The question is, where can you buy RDP? There are several ways to buy this software, including various payment methods and national solutions. 

If you’re unfamiliar with buying this software, don’t worry! We’ll give you seven tips for purchasing RDP in the guide below. 

1. Buy RDP With Bitcoin

You probably know a little about Bitcoin if you’ve kept up with financial news over the last decade. Bitcoin is the world’s leading and most valuable cryptocurrency, having established this new financial sector in 2009. Now, many businesses accept Bitcoin as payment for some of their products. 

An example of such a company is Microsoft. Microsoft allows customers to pay via Bitcoin for some digital services, including the Xbox store. 

Similarly, Microsoft lets customers buy USA RDP with Bitcoin. Using Bitcoin as your payment method sometimes helps you buy cheap RDP hosting online. 

2. Buy RDP With Credit Card And PayPal

Similarly, Microsoft lets customers buy USA RDP with Bitcoin. Using Bitcoin as your payment method sometimes helps you buy cheap RDP hosting online. 

For example, a typical credit card can also purchase RDP. You can use this payment method to purchase RDP software from anywhere in the world.

You can find your RDP solution in the US or buy London RDP with your credit card. The same applies to your PayPal account.

Some people may keep extra funds on their PayPal account for a rainy day. Fortunately, most RDP sellers accept your PayPal money as a viable payment option. 

3. Find The Package You Need

Various RDP software packages include different features for users. So, businesses must find a package that includes the factors their organization requires. 

So, first, assess what your business needs. Do you require a designated server with private access? Or, can you use a shared server that’s accessible to several others? 

Once you know what kind of package you need, you can find their best price. We’ll discuss this further in the section below. 

4. Look For The Best Package Pricing

RDP software is not a one-time purchase. Instead, you’ll pay a monthly rate for the package you choose. Various packages include differing price ranges.

So, search for companies that offer the best package and rate for your business. For example, let’s compare two of our packages.

Our cheapest package is the Windows RDP Shared plan, which costs $15 monthly. This plan offers a shared server with high download and upload speeds. Your storage, files, and browser will remain 100 percent unshared with others.

In contrast, our Private USA RDP (VPS) package costs $17 each month. These private servers reserve CPU, RAM, and storage. As such, they come with a dedicated IP and full administrator access for your primary user.

5. Using Strong Passwords

Purchasing RDP requires caution. Unfortunately, RDP has become a popular attack vector for ransomware. Hackers repeatedly use internet-exposed RDP services to install malware and ransomware on their systems. 

Because of this, massive corporate networks have suffered infiltration. So, you’ll have to establish some security protocols once you purchase RDP.

Your first line of defense is your password. Internet security experts recommend using long, challenging passphrases. They also recommend using two-factor identification to make it harder for hackers to break in. 

Finally, security experts recommend using a VPN when connecting to RDP software. This way, you never expose the software directly to the Internet. Doing so makes it harder for hackers to breach the system.

6. Implementing Role-Based Access Restrictions And NLA

Another critical step in establishing security is access restrictions. Too often, organizations leave their RDP access open to several workers. 

Instead, it’s much safer to limit the number of users with administrator access to RDP systems. This limitation also cuts back the privileges that users can access. 

Similarly, businesses benefit from adding a Network Level Authentication (NLA) as an extra layer of protection. This authentication requires users to confirm their identities before opening a session. This process works similarly to a two-factor identification system. 

7. Establishing A Strong Connection

One problem that new RDP installations often face is a poor connection to devices. This issue makes it difficult for employees to connect to their RDP software and access their computers. 

RDP’s default option connection only extends to your local business network. So, you’ll have to try other solutions to access RDP over the Internet. 

Theoretically, you expose your remote desktop directly to the Internet. This process involves setting your router to forward Remote Desktop traffic to whatever device you must access.

However, as mentioned before, doing this exposes your system to several security threats. We strongly recommend avoiding this option if at all possible. 

So, what are your alternatives? One solution is to use a VPN. Another option is to set up a single desktop for remote access. 

Once a PC has RDP installed, it listens for traffic using this software. From there, you can log into your router and have it forward its traffic to the PC’s IP address.

Buy RDP For Your Business 

These seven tips can help you buy RDP at affordable rates and through convenient payment methods. They can also help you establish greater security for the software once you’ve purchased it.

Now, all that’s left is to find a place to purchase your RDP. If you don’t have one yet, consider shopping with us!

We offer several useful RDP packages, ranging from shared servers to a physical server you can place in your building. Search our store today to find the best package for you!

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