Tips to boost your server’s surfing speed.

Hello Guys, today we are sharing some amazing tips and tricks to work in your vps or say rdp server’s smoothly. There are many people who cannot surf in their server’s properly due to their less home net speed, this tut will help them also !

Certain Procedures To Achieve Best Surfing Experience On An RDP/VPS

1. Enabling single click to open an item.

Yes, by this small step you can open a folder/file by just a single click, this will help in surfing your server some how more easily.
To enable single click feature do the following…

2. Using Portable Softwares instead of Softwares which needs to be installed.

By using portable softwares in your servers gives you 2 major advantages,.
(i) You can run any software without asking support team to install software for you.
(ii) No shuffle in searching the files or folder for the software, you can place software in your drive.

Portable softwares for PC can be found HERE.

3. By using many System cleaning softwares.

One of the most popular software for removing junk from PC is CCLEANER. By using ccleaner time to time helps you to overcome the issue of low speed of servers. It helps in reducing background tasks which are not important.

Many other options fall in this category : TuneUp Utilities, IObit Advanced System care, WinUtilities and many more….

4. Adjusting visual effects.

By reducing desktop features that try to look things better can also result in best surfing speed. Like be reducing special effects like shadows under menu, smooth edges, fading of menus, icons ect..

You can achieve this step by doing following things..

(i) Click on “start”
(ii) Open “run”
(iii) Enter following command :-


(iv) Now you will see all performance options under one tab..

(v) Mark “Adjust for best performance” , make sure that all below boxes are gone untick.
(vi) Click ok,..

5. By ending your system apps which are using net.

Less server surfing speed could also because your own system (PC) fault, may be your own system is performing or say consuming all net speed itself.
Check your system for any ongoing process which is consuming net, end it or wait till it ends..

Hope you liked this article. Any issue or fault you are facing then feel free to Contact Us !!
We are here to help you.

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