6 Reasons why you should consider a Dedicated Server instead of a VPS

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In today’s article we will tell you differences between A Dedicated Server and A VPS. Both sounds you same, but these have it’s own advantages and disadvantages. We insist you guys before buying some thing, you should read this article twice. This article will not only helps you to choose best server but also helps you to understand their benefits.

1. Continuous Performance :-

One of the issues you may encounter with VPS servers is inflexibility in performance. If you benchmark a VPS solution at different times of the day under the same conditions of traffic, you might get different results. Some service providers may allow you to burst your allocated CPU utilization, but you’re not guaranteed that this extra CPU power will be available when you really need it. With a dedicated server you are guaranteed access CPU resources at full level.

2. Higher Security :-

Although virtualization platforms are hardened at the hypervisor level, not all solutions are equal in terms of security. Virtualisation platforms are still environments that you share with many others, sometimes thousands of clients. The only way to be sure that your data is fully isolated from others is with a dedicated server.

3. More Upgrade Options :-

VPS providers generally offer fixed configurations, prepackaged, with no option to upgrade. Dedicated Servers offer you more flexibility. While you start with a package that meets your needs, you can increase your RAM along the way and upgrade your server (CPU and Disk Space) without re-installing your whole system thanks to Smart Server’s easy migration option.

4. Ease To Use :-

Dedicated Servers have custom-built Control Center. This is a unique server management GUI that offers you more control over your server hardware and network configurations. You also have access to a virtual console that allows you to manage your server as if you were right in our datacenter and perform remote reboot, if need be. Dedicated Servers can easily be configured to use cPanel WHM control panel and R1Soft backup software for additional flexibility and data security.

5. Genuine Hardware Parts :-

A VPS configuration never displays the actual hardware components it is built upon. With dedicated Servers you get assurance that each server is built with genuine hardware parts: Intel CPUs, WD (Western Digital) Disks and major brand RAM example- Kingston, Crucial or Corsair ,etc, Super Micro motherboards.

6. Price Vs. Value :-

Price is something which a person chooses from his pocket to buy a hosting solution, however, but on other hand value is even more important. If you look closer, there is not significant difference in price between a dedicated Server and most of VPS offerings available on the market. There is a significant difference, though, in the value delivered, considering the flexibility and features you get with a dedicated Server.

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