Fixing Copy & Paste Problem on VPS/RDP Server.

Fixing Copy & Paste Problem on VPS/RDP Server.

We have seen many people are having problem in copy and pasting text problem from their PC’s to their servers, So for fixing this issue we have made this post. Fixing this issue is pretty plane and simple, just involves a few simple steps.

Just Follow Below Mentioned Steps :-

1 Load up task manager (right click taskbar and select Task Manager)

2 Go to the Processes Tab in task mamager

3 Select rdpclip.exe

                                                                       4 Click End Process
                                                                       5 Go to the Application Tab
                                                                       6 Click New Process
                                                                       7 Type rdpclip
                                                                       8 Click Ok

                    There, copy and paste should now work normally again.

If you are still having difficulty in following the above steps then you can watch our video tutorial also given below !



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